Glow / Grow かがやける。かがやかせる。




Q1Please tell me the necessary steps for securing a position with your company.
Q2I am currently studying science and technology. Can I still apply for a non-technical position?
Q3I have already graduated. Can I still apply?
Q4Please tell me about hiring for foreign university students.
Q5Do you hire foreign students?
Q6What positions does Konica Minolta have? Does my major matter?
Q7What do you look for when you are hiring students?
Q8Can we meet alumni?
Q9Can I choose where I will work?
Q10Will there be an opportunity to work overseas?


Q1Please tell me Konica Minolta's philosophy on personnel.
Q2Please outline the personnel system.
Q3Are transfers within the company possible?
Q4How many days off are there per year?
Q5Please tell me about the Innovation Course (Discretionary Labor System).
Q6Please tell me about the Flex Time System and Discretionary Labor System.
Q7Is there overtime or working over holidays?
Q8Is there a system to support the coexistence of childcare or home care with work?

Benefits Package

Q1Are there dormitories for single employees?
Q2What is the Cafeteria Plan?
Q3Please tell me about the available facilities.

Training System

Q1What type of education is available up until the start date?
Q2What does new employee training entail?
Q3What kind of training is available after being hired?